De tuin van de Noorderhoeve
About us

Mission statement

Keeping biodynamic agricultural land in good hands through the generations, this is what the Stichting Grondbeheer (Land Stewardship Foundation) is all about. Donations enable us to release agricultural land and lease it to biodynamic farmers and market gardeners. Land stewardship provides a contemporary solution for sustainable land management and food production because:

  • Biodynamic agriculture is the shortest way to a clean, animal-friendly and living earth;
  • We need fertile agricultural land for the production of vital, healthy food both today and in the future;
  • The cultivation of fertile ground is the magnum opus, as it were, of farmers and market gardeners, so that in this way it can be passed on to the next generation.

Agriculture is the basis of our existence. It is the source of our food and contributes significantly to the quality of our living environment. With the Stichting Grondbeheer leaseholders, our biodynamic agricultural land is in good hands.

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