Gemengd bedrijf op de Noorderhoeve
Free land

Free land is purchased using donations from citizens. Hence it is no longer private property. This is already considered the norm in relation to nature reserves and wildlife areas. However, the conservation of agricultural land is at least as important: it is the source of our food. By freeing up agricultural land, it is removed from economic circulation. The beauty of this approach is that it provides a long-term solution for the maintenance of fertile agricultural soil. When making decisions, the indigenous peoples in North-America considered 7 generations in the future. Stichting Grondbeheer guarantees fertile soil for at least 7 generations after us. And as an added bonus to biodynamic agriculture, the biodiversity and quality of our immediate environment increases.

The UN has calculated that soil is lost at a rate of 30 football fields per minute. In the Netherlands, agricultural land is also depleted through intensive tillage and cultivation. Instead we should look after it! Agricultural land is the foundation for food, clean drinking water and biodiversity.

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