Gemengd bedrijf bij De Kromme Lepel
Help us

Many little streams can flow together to form a big expanse of water. Thanks to all the donations, Stichting Grondbeheer has been able to free up 533 hectares of biodynamic agricultural land.

Nevertheless, we still need considerable support to be able to give all start-up biodynamic farmers and market gardeners a good foothold. We are happy to welcome you as a new donor, so that you can donate directly to free land for the Naoberhoeve, de Hondspol, De Kromme Lepel or Landgoed Kraaybeekerhof. Thank you so much!

As Stichting Grondbeheer has the status of a public benefit organisation (PBO, in Dutch ANBI), your donation is tax-deductible in the Netherlands. Would you like to calculate your personal fiscal advantage? Go to the calculation module.

 If you buy books online you can also donate to Stichting Grondbeheer ‘inconspicuously’. Book webshop Youbedo donates 10% of each transaction to a charity. Order your books here and contribute to freeing up land.

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