Tomaatjes bij De Kromme Lepel
Periodic donation

A periodic financial gift is completely tax-deductible from your taxable income in the Netherlands; depending on your income, every year you receive 37% to 52% of the amount donated back.

It is also of considerable benefit to Stichting Grondbeheer: you can actually donate more, without it costing you more:

What does it cost you?Stichting Grondbeheer receives:Tax refund to you
Periodic donation*€ 100,-€ 142,-€ 42,-
Ordinary donation€ 100,-€ 100,-0

*This example is calculated with a tax rate of 42%. Would you like to calculate your fiscal advantage? Click here.

There are only two conditions in relation to a periodic donation:

  • You donate a set amount annually, for 5 years or longer.
  • You sign a written agreement with Stichting Grondbeheer as proof for the Dutch tax authorities; in the event of disability, unemployment or death, this agreement can be discontinued without fiscal consequences.

Do you wish to make periodic donations? Then register as a donor here and select the ‘periodiek’ option.

“Five years is the minimum time-frame for periodic donations. However, you might ask yourself the question: do I want that? Donating for an unspecified time is also possible, and sometimes practical. In emergency situations, such as bankruptcy or death, you can simply discontinue the donation.”

Marjolein Elings-van Hooidonk, Van Rhijn Notaries in Zeist

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