Sla op de Noorderhoeve
Supervisory Council

The Supervisory Council consists of the following individuals:

Ronald van der Giessen, Chairperson
Willem Meijers, Member
Christina van Tellingen, Member

The Supervisory Council does not receive a salary and ensures that 100% of donations go to the good cause: the acquisition of land. Any costs incurred by the Stichting Grondbeheer are paid out of the rental income and the interest. As the foundation continues to grow, it is expected that the rental income and income from interest will increase; the funds available will then also be used for the acquisition of extra land.

“All over the world I see a growing realisation that the resources we draw on are finite. People are also realising that agricultural land also becomes depleted if you do not treat it properly. From that standpoint it is important that the land is used by those who know best how to work it. Stichting Grondbeheer guarantees that fertile agricultural land is in good hands, and can be worked without short-term profiteering.”

Christina van Tellingen, Supervisory Council

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