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Testamentary donation

Do you wish to leave a tribute to the earth with your legacy? You can include Stichting Grondbeheer in your will.

A testamentary donation must be drafted by a notary. You can opt for a bequest, or appoint the organisation as your heir. In the case of a bequest, you stipulate in your will that a specific amount or a specific asset - such as a house - is left to Stichting Grondbeheer. In the case of a testamentary disposition, Stichting Grondbeheer will be the (sole) beneficiary of your assets. Bequests and testamentary dispositions to Stichting Grondbeheer mean exemption from Dutch inheritance tax. This is in contrast to leaving one’s estate to specific family members or others, as the inheritance tax is then 10 to 40%.

You can also include Stichting Grondbeheer in your legacy through the Triodos Foundation.

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