Graan draagt bij aan een gezonde bodem
What the farmer receives

Stichting Grondbeheer gives agrarian entrepreneurs the opportunity to start up or expand a biodynamic agricultural business by making agricultural land available without seeking to make a profit. New, often young, farmers therefore do not need to borrow considerable start-up capital from the bank. Instead they rent, as it were, their company for the period they work there. When they retire at the end of their working life, they work with Stichting Grondbeheer to find a suitable successor for the business. In this way, fertile agricultural land goes from generation to generation.

Stichting Grondbeheer operates long-term hereditary tenure contracts and a lease rate based on the productive potential of the land. In this way farmers and market gardeners are given the opportunity to build a sustainable business that makes them an honest living.

Stichting Grondbeheer has a strong preference for acquiring all of the property of a business, as opposed to part of it. In this way, the continuity of the business is actually better guaranteed.

Are you an agrarian entrepreneur and would you like to acquire land with or to transfer land to Stichting Grondbeheer? Please contact us by emailing

House construction plans and property speculation has driven up land prices. Farmers who wish to start up or expand are faced with high debts and high interest rates in order to obtain land.

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